About me:

Welcome to my portfolio, home to my work, showreel and base for my development as an animator. I specialize in 3D animation creating key frame, facial and motion captured animation, while following the principles of animation. I can create realistic and exaggerated animations and place my characters in dynamic poses to bring out the emotions of the character.

My goals are to create excellent quality animation, improving workflows and develop animation that is expressive and detailed. I have always strived to develop my skills and create work that pushes my abilities to see what's possible.

Useful Links

Thought I would make a list of useful websites that have helped and inspired me, hope you find them useful. Links below are inspiring animators, free tutorials, free tools/plugins and rigs.

Inspiring Animators

Jeff Gabor   Jim Jagger I-Wei Huang Richard Lico Andrew Innes Jesse Baumgartner
Tobias Von Burkersroda Jess Morris Keith Ribbons Emily Rule Jordan Krahn Dony Permedi
Matt Kelly Jan Philip Cramer James Hanpadungvongs Jean-Denis Haas Arshad Mirza Baig Daniel Fotheringham
Michael Amos Ravi Kamble Govind Dominic Pallotta  David Andrade  Erica Pinto Jamie Gallant 
Kayum Roy  Angelo StaCatalina Reuben Fleming Drew Malesky Christoffer Andersen  Francesco Sternativo
Jonathan Harris Alexiss Dawn Memmott Steve Orsini Billy Alison

Useful Websites/Free Rigs and Programs

Free Rigs
Free Rig created by Romain Digonnet
Free Rig created by Jana Johnson
Free rig created by Josh Burton 
Has a great range of free rigs and a lot of brilliant lip sync animation.

Max Rig
Great 3DS Max Rig by Peter Starostin
Bonnie Rig
Great Maya Rig by Josh Sobel
Free Software

Brilliant free video editing software for syncing your multiple camera angles together and more.
Free version has limited codec support but great for .tga files and exports .avi.
Virtual Dub
Free, fast and doesn't degrade video quality editing software.

Great Free program for editing sound.

Free open source 3D modelling and animation program.

Free 2D program.

Any Video Converter
Free Converter But watch out as it installs, it tries to install unwanted browser tool-bars.
Free office package compatible with Microsoft Office.
Other Useful Websites

Full of free inspiring videos from lecturers and professional around the world.

Animated Buzz 
Full of great pieces of work.

Full of inspiring work.

Thinking Animation
Great Animation blogger.

Speaking of Animation
Great podcast with many established animators

Fantastic place to see great CG work.

Largest festival for animation and computer games in the UK.

Yearly competition for final year students to show their work at Teesside.

Showcase of the Teesside University 3d artist.

One of the best online animation schools.

Gary Dave
Brilliant set of tutorials.

Jeff Lew
Creator of Killer Bean and lead animator for Matrix Reloaded shares his knowledge.

Animation Mentor
One of the best online animation schools.

Cartoon Brew 
Good source for Animation news

Lots of useful tutorials.

Frame by Frame
Great resource of animation broken down to its frames.

Glen Keane
Awesome Character artist for Disney

Great set of tutorials from all aspects of CGI.

Great source for script in3DS Max.

I don't think they need an introduction.

Concept Art World 
Full of inspiring concept art.

Awesome game pipeline tutorials.

Great set of tutorials from all aspects of CGI.

Living Lines Library
Great collection of key pose animation.

The Animation Workshop
Great animation University.

Endless Reference
Awesome free human references very clear and even in slowmo.

BBC Motion Gallery
Reference Footage.

Corbis Motion 
Reference Footage.

Reference Footage. 

Getty Image
Reference Photos.

Good website for flash tutorials.

Polygon Blog
Great setting of lighting and rendering tutorials.

Likes on Vimeo
Inspirational videos to combat boredom.

The Daily Wav
Great Source for sound bites.

Great collection of royalty-free music to accompany your work.

3D/Animation Books

Stop Staring by Jason Osipa

The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams

Acting For Animators by Ed Hooks

Animating Real-Time Game Characters by Paul Steed

Mastering Ureal Technology by Jason Busby, Zah Parrish, Joel Van Eenwyk

3D Game Textures by Luke Ahearn